Monday, September 14, 2020

Day 1

 Good evening -

Today was a wonderful day at AHS and I am so grateful to the teachers and students of our community. I am sure your students came home with questions and frustrations about the new rules but I also hope they came home happy. I say lots of smiles all day long.

Students did a great job following the mask expectations. We will continue to work on social distancing. Please remind them of the importance of sitting 6 ft from their peers, especially when masks are off at lunch. Today with the beautiful weather most students chose to sit outside. If only it would stay sunny and 70 until this is over! 

The doors to AHS will not open until 8:20am. Students are expected to be in class by 8:35am. Please plan for arrival time accordingly. Pick-up this afternoon was a challenge because of the large volume. That is typical of the start of the year and tends to even out. Please try to keep the front drive open to allow buses to pull in. We also ask that you are patient while we dismiss student drivers. They are being dismissed first, followed by walkers, then parent pick-up's, and finally bus students. 

Our counselors have been working hard with Educere to get our remote only students set up. The timing was tough to manipulate since we did not want the classes to start before September 14, which could impact the add/drop period. We want our remote students to have the same 10 days as our hybrid students to evaluate their classes for level, etc. My understanding is students will receive welcome emails from their teachers in the next day or two. Please be patient as this process is new for all of us. If you are a remote student in need of a Chromebook please come to the high school between the hours of 9am-2pm. 

Teachers are working out the kinks with teaching two cohorts. There were some technical and connectivity issues today and it was not easy to judge the appropriate amount of asynchronous lessons for students they have not met yet. They're doing a great job learning how to balance students in front of them and at home. They will only continue to get better at this. There was a lot of time spent today on learning the building objectives, which happen for Cohort b students on Thursday. 

Chromebook issues for students in the hybrid model should be shared with teachers. They can report the issue to our IT department and they will address them as quickly as possible. Remote students will be receiving a form from IT to report their issues. Many students emailed about access to eHallpass. I was informed by the company today that they have temporarily disabled their phone app. It did not allow access to the social distancing features built into the system Students should plan to log-in using their Chromebook when in school. 

As a reminder, this Wednesday is a full teacher professional development day. Students will not have learning expectations. Wednesday classes will start next week for hybrid students. 
Cohorts A & B will meet together following this schedule:
C period- 9:30-10:00
E period- 10:05-10:35
F period- 10:40-11:10
D period- 11:15- 11:45

Student drivers will be able to pick up parking pass registration forms tomorrow. 

I am sure there are items I am forgetting to touch on. I am so proud of our school community and look forward to a wonderful school year. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions.


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