Thursday, September 17, 2020

Day 1 for cohort B

 Good evening all-

Thank you for another great "first day of school". It was wonderful to see the Cohort B students in person. We continue to appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out the kinks that come with hybrid learning. 

As a reminder, doors to the high school do not open until 8:20am. We noticed today that many students arrived much earlier and congregated outside in a non-socially distant manner. Please reinforce with your student(s) that in order for us to have a successful experience they must wear a mask, even when outside, when they are not standing more that 6 feet apart. They are welcome to wait for the doors to open on the lawn, the patio area, and at the entrance but MUST wear a mask or be 6 feet apart. Students have done a great job wearing their masks in the classroom & building. We have been so proud of them!

The nice weather has allowed us to have mask breaks and lunch outside. We hope it continues for a while. We worked with students today to help them understand what sitting distantly while eating and will continue to do so. We have also been reminding students that lunch is free for all at this time. We encourage students to enjoy our great breakfast and lunch program. Students can not bring coffee and breakfast with them at this time unless they plan to finish it in the cafeteria between 8:20-8:35am.

If you are having trouble with your Chromebook please go to the AHS Website. There is a new link on the left side where you can report Chromebook issues as well as some tips for checking the microphones and cameras.

Students have seem to adapted to our QR codes and eHallpass. The phone app on eHallpass has been temporarily disabled because it does not support some of the social distance parameters we have put in place. If your student has questions about using either of these tools encourage them to speak to me or Mrs. Lachapelle. 

We also appreciate your patience as we fine tune the dismissal process. We have far more parents picking up this year than normal. I encourage you consider arriving at 2:55 or after if possible to allow some of the traffic to clear out if possible. Please do not ask your student to walk out onto E. Union. We want to keep all of our students safe!

It is my understanding that our Remote Only students have now all received their welcome emails from Educere. We greatly appreciate your patience as this was all set up. If your students needs a Chromebook as a remote learner we have them at AHS. Send us an email and we'll let you know a good time to stop by!

Have a wonderful night. We look forward to seeing our hybrid Cohort B students tomorrow.

And if your sophomore would like to order a class is the link:

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