Friday, January 15, 2021

January 22, 2021

Good afternoon and happy Friday-

We are just one week away from the halfway point of the 2020-2021 school year. Term 2 ends next Friday and report cards will be available on Friday, February 5 after 3pm. 

Last night School Committee approved a few things that impact AHS students:

1. The graduation requirement for community service for the class of 2021 has been waived. This waiver is for just this school year. Students are encouraged to continue to find safe ways to give back to their community. 

2. The athletic eligibility requirement was updated to reflect our current block schedule. Students must pass 3 of their 4 classes in the previous marking period to participate in athletics. Students who only passed 2 courses are eligible for a one-time waiver to participate. 

Course registration timelines: SY 2021-2022: 
We are excited to be starting the process of planning for 2021-2022.
Teachers are currently in the process of making course recommendations through February 5

Students will approve their course recommendations and choose electives from February 1-12
Students will be encouraged to set up meetings with teachers in person or via Google Meets to discuss any questions or concerns about recommendations.
iStudent Quick Start Guide to Student Recommendations
We will hold class meetings to review the process- February 3 
11th grade- 12:30pm
10th grade- 1:15pm
9th grade- 2:00pm

Parents make final approval- February 22- March 5

DAET, Ashland Public Schools, and Ashland's Human Services Department are excited to welcome back Linda Price, M.Ed., CAGS, on Monday, February 8th, for two virtual presentations (9:30 AM and 6:30 PM) of Surviving to Thriving: Supporting your Family's Stress, Sadness, and Loss through mindfulness. The pandemic has amplified our need to redefine health and recognize areas that need attention. Linda will teach parents/caregivers strategies and techniques for supporting yourself & your family today and beyond this challenging year.

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