Saturday, February 17, 2018

February 16, 2018

Good afternoon & happy February vacation-

Today was our 2nd Student of the Term breakfast for nominated students and we are so grateful to all of the parents who donated to make it happen. Teachers and student volunteers cooked up a great breakfast for the 131 students who were nominated by a teacher for demonstrating the AHS core values on a consistent basis. We are proud to recognize so many students each term.

The front office at AHS will be closed next week as we all enjoy some down time.

After vacation Sgt. Burman of the Ashland Police Department will be presenting to all sophomore wellness classes on opioids. Please see the attached letter for more information.
Spring Sports is quickly approaching.  We will hold our annual Spring Sports Meeting  on Tuesday March 6th at 6:30pm in the High School Auditorium for all student-athletes and their parents/guardians.  This meeting is mandatory for anyone who would like to participate in Spring Athletics at the High School and Middle School.  

The Spring Registration Portal will open for all High School and Middle School sports on Friday February 16th at noon.  To register go to or click on the following link The registration portal will close on Friday March 16th.

High School Spring Sports will start on Monday March 19th and Middle School Spring Sports on Monday April 2nd.

If you have any questions please email Mr. Grimes at

Thank you and enjoy your February Break.
If you saw the Boston Globe yesterday you may have seen the story on Dustin Pedroia that included the following:  

3. Former Red Sox reliever John Trautwein has devoted his life to the “Will to Live Foundation” that he founded after his son Will, then 15 years old and a freshman at Northview High School in Johns Creek, Ga., committed suicide in 2010. Trautwein is a compelling speaker who began the foundation in his mind and made it a reality when giving his son’s eulogy. Trautwein decided then and there he was going to help kids from taking the same tragic path as Will, who was by all accounts a well-adjusted kid who was great at sports and music and had numerous friends. Trautwein will be speaking at Ashland High School and Ashland Middle School on March 26.
we look forward to welcoming John to AHS & AMS to hear his powerful message. Click here to find the Save the Date!

Parent-teacher conferences:
Conferences are scheduled this year on Wednesday, February 28 from 6-8pm. Given that teachers
have limited time that evening, with approximately 12 open slots, we ask that parents who need to
discuss an academic concern or an override request schedule an appointment.
Teachers are always willing to schedule a meeting, in person or via phone, at any time if this evening
is not convenient for you.
As we start course registration for the 2018-2019 school year I encourage you to trust teacher
recommendations. However, if you and your child feel you would like to override a recommendation
you must schedule a time to discuss this with the teacher as the first step of the override procedure.

Student Course Selection:
iStudent Course Recommendation window have been open for students for the past two weeks.
All students should have gone into iStudent to approve teacher recommendations and choose their electives by now.  I will leave the window open for students this week for any that have not completed the process. Our Unified Arts department has redesigned several of their courses and added some exciting new ones.  Check them out here!

Directions for course selection are on the AHS website (linked here).  Students must use their iStudent account to make their selections.  We encourage students to prioritize their electives using the comment boxes next to each course number.

The iParent course approval window will be open on Monday, February 26 and will remain open for two weeks.  Parents go through the same process of checking off approval of both teacher and student recommendations. 
Please don't hesitate to reach out to your students guidance counselor or administrator with any questions!

Ashland Raises Healthy & Happy Kids: We felt it was appropriate this week to take a break from the iGen summaries and look at warning signs of violence. These are pulled from the Sandy Hook Promise Know the Signs program.
  1. A strong fascination or obsession with firearms can be a warning sign.
  2. Excessive study of firearms and mass shootings can mean a person is planning violence.
  3. Exhibiting excessive over-reactions or aggressive behavior for a seemingly minor reason can signal someone who cannot self-regulate their emotions or control their anger.
  4. Low commitment or aspirations toward school, or a sudden change in academic performance can be a sign that someone needs help.
  5. Perpetrators of self-harm or violence towards others may be victims of long-term bullying and may have real or perceived feelings of being picked on or persecuted by others.
  6. Extreme feelings of isolation or social withdrawal due to real or perceived actions of others can be a sign that someone is suffering.
  7. Unsupervised and/or easy access to firearms, or bragging about access to firearms, can be a warning sign.
  8. Making overt threats of violence (spoken, written, pictures on social media, videos, gestures) are signs that should not be ignored.

If you are ever worried about anyone, or your children are, please SAY SOMETHING.

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