Friday, November 18, 2016

Week of 11/14/16

Good evening!

It's been a busy week and hard for me to believe it's already Friday.  I spent the early part of the week in Florida with the Make-a-Wish Club participating in their 2nd annual service trip to Give Kids the World.  It was a truly moving weekend and I am so proud of the 38 students that helped support children with life-threatening illnesses in receiving their wish.  

Today I joined ten student leaders at the MIAA Sportsmanship Summit.  It was an inpiring day and students are coming back to AHS with great ideas.  We were proud to receive the Sportsmanship Honor Roll banner!

Here are some beautiful pictures from the NHS Veteran's Day Event. So proud of this initiative!

Report cards are out today!  All parents with iParent accounts and all students can now see their Term 1 grades.  We anticipate GPA's (for grades 11 & 12) and Honor Roll will be available on Monday.  If you need a paper copy of the report card please email Linda Chaney at

It's spirit week next week, leading up to the Thanksgiving Rally!
Monday, November 24th is "business attire" day -- students should come looking "professional"!
Tuesday, November 25th is "twin day."
Wednesday, November 26th is "class color / Ashland pride day."

Our annual Junior vs. Seniors girls football game is Tuesday, November 23rd at 7pm on the AHS athletic field.  Admission is any monetary amount, $1 to ????.  All money will be donated to the Ashland Senior Center.

Any student interested in participating in the Student Council's "bubble soccer" activity at the Thanksgiving rally must pick up a permission slip by Monday, November 21st (either at lunch or from Mr. Wiczer's room, B251) and return it with a parent signature by Tuesday, November 22nd.  All students who return these permission slips will be entered into a raffle and 16 students will be chosen at the rally to participate in this fun event!
As a reminder dismissal is at 10:30am on Wednesday.  There is no late bus and no after school activities.

Ashland football will be hosting Hopkinton on Thanksgiving.  Before carving the turkey and enjoying time with family and friends, get out and support the football team at 10am Thursday morning.  Pre-sale tickets are now on sale through the Athletic Office.  $5-students/$7- adults.  Go Clockers!

Ashland Raises Healthy & Happy Kids:
  1. Name your blessings - Have a moment of thanks each day when everyone names one thing they are thankful for.
  2. Be a grateful parent - Tell your children why you are grateful to have them.
  3. Resist the urge to shower your kids with too much “stuff” - Buying kids whatever they want, whenever they want, dilutes the gratitude impulse and it can mean that they don’t learn to value or respect their possessions.
  4. Have kids pitch in when they want something new - When kids take the time to save up, they gain an understanding of the value of a dollar by working toward what they want.
  5. Set a good example by saying “thank you” sincerely and often
  6. Have kids hand-write thank you notes
  7. Encourage children to give back - When children give their time and energy to help others, they’re less likely to take things like health, home and family for granted.
  8. Insist on politeness and respect all around

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