Friday, November 4, 2016

Week of 10/31/16

Good evening and happy Friday-

I just left the AHSTS performance of The Arabian Nights and it was fabulous.  If you can get here tomorrow night at 7pm or Sunday at 2pm I highly recommend it. Congratulations to the cast & crew on a job well done.

A reminder there is no school on Tuesday, November 8 due to the elections.  

Site Council meets on Wednesday, November 9 at 4pm in the main office conference room.  All are welcome to attend.

It is hard to be believe November is here.  Term 1 ends this coming week on Thursday, November 10. 
Report cards will be available in iParent/iStudent the following week on Friday, November 18.  If you need a paper copy of the report card please email Mrs. Chaney in the front office (  
We appreciate your patience while iPass was closed this week for a software update.  iParent/iStudent are working now.

Prior to the administration of the MetroWest Health Survey on Tuesday our Peer Leaders went to each homeroom to explain the Check it at the Door Declaration.  It's a great concept so I wanted to take a moment to share it.  The Declaration is hanging on the doors of all classrooms.  

Check it at the Door Declaration
I believe:
that ALL people should be valued and appreciated;
that every person is a treasure worthy of dignity and respect;
that diversity in humans is a strength;
that by pre-judging people and holding biases,
I will miss the beauty within each individual person.

I realize:
that it is natural for people to be uncomfortable with those who are different from themselves,
but I will work to overcome these feelings.
that people have different appearances, beliefs, ethnicities, experiences and identities,
and I realize that the world is a better place because of these differences.

I pledge:
to be aware of my biases and the way I pre-judge people;
to try to get to know the person who may look, dress, think or live differently than I do;
to check my biases and temptation to pre-judge people at the door.
Posted at Harmony Cafe, Author Anonymous

*****Connolly Bus Company would like to remind all parents that you should not be in the bus drop off areas in the morning.  Please drop students at the back of the school until 7:30am.******

A message from Paul Vieira, Assistant Superintendent:
We are entering our final week with our Panorama survey. Last week we doubled our parent response rate and I hope to have a few more families respond to the survey this week. The last day of the survey is November 11th. Panorama will send out an email to you tomorrow with another link to the survey.

We will administer the Panorama Student Survey at AHS this week on Wednesday, November 9.  Students will take the survey in homerooms during break.  They will be given the link then and their log-in will be their student id. Students are welcome to bring their own devices to complete the survey.  Any parent who does not want their student to take the survey can email me.  

NHS News: Almost everyone knows a veteran... some deceased, some living, some still serving.  The National Honor Society cares about veterans too...
As part of our efforts this year, we are creating a "Courtyard of Honor" with a field of flags in memory of or in honor of veterans.  Each flag is $10.  

We hope you will consider purchasing a flag for a veteran you love.  The order form is linked here.  Please forward to the National Honor Society here at AHS.  

Help us fill the courtyard!

All funds raised will be given to Home Base Veteran and Family Program (a partnership between the Boston Red Sox and Massachusetts General Hospital), our designated charity this year.  Home Base provides programs for veterans and 9/11 first responders who are suffering from PTSD and the invisible wounds of war.

The Clocker Idol - Season 3
Does your child have what it takes to be this year's "Clocker Idol"?  We're looking for some talented singers interested in auditioning for this singing contest, AHS's version of "American Idol."  Auditions will take place on Wednesday, November 16th starting at 2:15pm in the chorus room.  Interested students should see Ms. Cardin or Mr. Wiczer to sign-up to audition.  Students auditioning should come with background music to sing over (usually referred to as a "karaoke track").  The actual event will take place on Thursday, December 22nd, at 7pm in the high school auditorium.

There are lots of new Parent Flyers this week.  Please take a moment to read them over.

Ashland Raises Healthy and Happy Kids
Being rude is inadvertently saying or doing something that hurts someone else. In children this takes the form of things such as burping in someone's face, jumping ahead in line, bragging about achieving the highest grade, or throwing a crushed up pile of leaves in someone's face. Incidents of rudeness are usually spontaneous, unplanned, based on thoughtlessness, poor manners or narcissism, but not meant to actually hurt someone.
Being mean involves purposefully saying or doing something to hurt someone once (or maybe twice). Unlike unthinking rudeness, mean behavior very much aims to hurt someone. Very often, mean behavior in kids is motivated by angry feelings and/or the misguided goal of propping themselves up in comparison to the person they are putting down.
Bullying is intentionally aggressive behavior, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power. Kids who bully say or do something intentionally hurtful to others and they keep doing it, with no sense of regret or remorse, even when targets of bullying show or express their hurt or tell the aggressors to stop. DIfferent kinds of bullying include physical and verbal aggression, social exclusion, hazing, rumor spreading, and cyberbullying. The key aspect to all of them is the ongoing nature of the behavior, which leaves the victims feeling powerless and fearful.
It is important for parents to remember that children depend on a non-jaded adult's ability to discern between rudeness at the bus stop and life-altering bullying. And to talk with their children about the different meanings and motivations of each.

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