Friday, November 20, 2020

November 20, 2020

Good afternoon-

Congratulations to all on completing Term 1. Grades are now open in iStudent/iParent. A copy of the student report card is available under the My Document link in each. 

Because of the modifications to our schedule this year the attempted credits are not accurate which does result in GPA's being skewed. The term calculation is tied to attempted credits. They will be accurate at the end of the year but there is no way to adjust our course catalog currently to reflect an accurate GPA. Some Remote Only students may not have an updated GPA if no grades have been entered. Please note, GPA's are only available after the completion of grade 10. 

APS Travel Policy:
Attached are the links to the Ashland Public Schools - Student Travel Form as well as the Return from Travel Certification of Compliance that must be filled out before travelers can enter schools.
Ashland High School Student Travel Form

The School Committee Policy on COVID Travel again for your reference.  It is the intent of the School Committee Policy to have ALL travelers/students tested before returning to school.

The Virtual Homecoming Rally will air today (November 20th) at 5pm on WACA-TV.  You can also watch it here (, premiering Friday, November 20th at 5pm.  Hear updates from the fall sports, learn what's been going on with your class and in various clubs, watch your classmates participate in virtual rally-activities, and don't miss the teachers-in-desk-chairs relay race!   Thanks to everyone who participated in the rally, to the Student Council Exec Board for organizing this, and especially to WACA-TV for putting everything together.

Please see the attached statement regarding the Tri-Valley League Statement on the 2020-2021 Winter Athletic Season

Please check out the information below from Decisions at Every Turn:
DAET Week of Gratitude

A message from the Ashland Emergency Fund:

Each holiday season in December the Ashland Food Pantry receives requests for assistance in the form of gift cards from families in need. Volunteers purchase cards from $25 to $50 from gas stations, grocery stores, Target, Walmart etc. so they may be used for the widest range of items.


This year there is a problem in many ways. Food pantry funds are low. The Ashland Emergency Fund Charter only allows expenditures for emergencies. Approximately 150 requests have been received which is far more than any other year. There is also a lack of volunteers.


We are asking individuals, businesses and organizations to fill this need by purchasing cards and getting them to Teri Wysor, 26 Riverview Dr, Ashland by December 2. Please identify with the card who is donating so the recipient may know. Cards will be distributed under the direction of Cara Tirell.


This year each of us has had our own problems and we have been asked to do so much and it never ends. I hope that you will consider this request and rise to the occasion. If you can help, fine. If not, thank you for listening. May you and yours have a safe season and may next year be brighter for all of us.


Bill Gath

Ashland Emergency Fund

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