Monday, October 12, 2020

AHS updates on remote learning week

Good evening-

As you know, AHS will be fully remote this week. We hope we can return to in person learning next week. We can do it by working together to follow the guidelines!

AHS students, both cohort A & B, will be expected to follow their schedule as normal and be "in class" every day. More teachers may choose to teach cohorts synchronously this week. I have included the AHS Hybrid/Remote Learning Expectations here. 

The highlighted bullet points relate directly to full remote learning and can be found here:

Fully Remote Learning Times (added 10/12/2020)
If at any point AHS goes fully remote both A and B cohorts will follow the same remote schedule each day. Teachers are encouraged to use this opportunity to teach both cohorts synchronously if possible. The time schedule for each block will be the same as the hybrid model Monday/Tuesday & Thursday/Friday:
8:35-10:05- C block
10:10-11:40- E block
11:45-12:15-Lunch break 
12:15-1:45- F block
1:50-2:55- D block 
Wednesday will continue to be the schedule we have been following:
9:30-10:00-C Block
10:05-10:35-E Block
10:40-11:10-F Block
11:15-11:45-D Block
Students are expected to complete additional work for each class during the afternoon.

Additional Expectations for Full Remote Days
  • All classes should begin with a GoogleMeet check in for attendance and instruction. 
  • Attendance will be tracked in iPass as Remote Present or Remote Absent. If a student is unable to attend the class remotely a parent should call the AHS attendance line at 508-881-0177 or email 
  • Teachers do not need to keep students on a GoogleMeet for the entire block but are allowed to do so.  If teachers do not keep students on GoogleMeet for the entire block it is the expectation that they are providing assignments and work that will take the entire block to complete. Students should complete the assignment at that time. 
  • Teachers should be accessible during the entire class block to answer questions or provide help if students need it via GoogleMeet or email.. 
  • All classes should end with a GoogleMeet check in to ensure students have completed work, to answer questions, and to assign homework.   
  • Students do not need to login to a GoogleMeet for study hall, but should be checking in for all other classes each day. 

All athletics are canceled this week and students are expected to remain off school grounds.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. The office will be open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so you can call or email with any needs. 

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