Friday, February 7, 2020

February 7, 2020

Good evening-

As a reminder this is our last week of classes before February break.

Students are currently approving courses and choosing their electives. Their window will be open until February 14. It is very important that all students rate their elective preferences using the comment box.

Please see the attached letter from Asst. Supt. Vieira regarding the APS report card:
Ashland Public Schools 2019 Report Card letter

Information for student drivers:
We have received several calls and emails from concerned parents about the traffic in the parking lot during dismissal. Some teachers have volunteered their time to help out for the time being and we hope to help students better understand the expectations. We also ask that you as parents model allowing traffic to merge during this busy time.
Parking is a privilege and many students have not paid for the parking pass. The Deans and SRO check for passes regularly, and despite reminders and encouragement, many students still have not purchased their pass. Please remind your AHS driver to hang their pass from the mirror so it can be seen. Students who do not have a pass and continue to park will lose the privilege to have a car on campus and could face other disciplinary measures. Juniors and seniors without a parking pass will lose their privileges until they obtain a parking pass. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Ashland is offering the following sports this spring:

High School: Baseball, Softball, Tennis (B/G), Track, Lacrosse (B/G)
*Deadline 3/6 at noon

Middle School: Baseball (7-8) , Softball (7-8) , Track (6-8)
*Deadline 3/16 and noon

To register, please visit:

Decisions at Every turn is looking to conduct youth focus groups. Students can participate during study halls and community service will be awarded for participation. See the flyer for more information.
DAET Youth Focus group flyer

Community Ed SAT Prep course

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