Friday, February 15, 2019

February 15, 2019

Happy February vacation!

Over the course of the past month teachers entered their course recommendations for the 2019-2020 school year and students have approved these recommendations as well as chosen electives.  The window for parent approval of course recommendations will open on Monday, February 25 and will remain open for two weeks, until Friday, March 8.  We ask that all parents look at their child's recommendations and check off your approval.  The Quickguide below walks you through the process.

iParent Course Recommendation Quickguide

AHS Override Procedure
Teachers spend a considerable amount of time determining what’s best for students in their
subject for the next school year.  They evaluate students performance, test scores, higher
level thinking, math, reading, and writing aptitude, and a host of other variables. Parents
disagreeing with a core course recommendation and wishing a different course level
for their child must follow the attached procedures.

From our ELL teachers:
Free English classes will begin on March 7, 2019 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. We will meet in
the library of Ashland Middle School for 8 classes on Thursday nights. Everyone is welcome!

Las clases gratuitas de inglés comenzarán el 7 de marzo de 2019 de 7:00 PM a 8:30 PM. Nos reuniremos en la biblioteca de la Escuela Intermedia Ashland para 8 clases los jueves por la
noche. ¡Todos son bienvenidos!

As aulas de inglês gratuitas começarão em 7 de março de 2019 das 19:00 às 20:30. Nós nos encontraremos na biblioteca da Ashland Middle School para 8 aulas nas noites de quinta-feira.
Todos são bem vindos!

A message from the Director of Counseling & Social/Emotional Learning:
Hello, my name is Jen Cutler and I am the Director of K-12 Counseling & Social Emotional Learning for the district. I am interested in learning about your knowledge of and interest in the social and emotional learning (SEL) of your children so that I am able to tailor events to your needs and provide you with the opportunity to give feedback on the ways in which we are addressing SEL throughout the district. Please take a few minutes to complete this anonymous survey.

If you would like to speak further please feel free to email or call me to set up an appointment, or (508) 532-4015.

I greatly appreciate your time and feedback.

Courageous Conversations: Conversation Vs. Confrontation Join us on Monday, March 4
at Ashland High School from 7-9pm for a world cafe style evening of conversation.  In
light of the recent occurrence of antisemitism at AHS this is an opportunity to talk about
how we handle words and symbols of hate and make sure that all members of the community
feel safe and respected.

Support your Special Olympic Athletes!
This year Ashland Public School Special Olympians will again participate in the Annual
Five Town Special Olympics Games Day held at Holliston High School! Athletes from
Millis, Medfield, Medway, Holliston and Ashland will participate in a hockey themed day
of skill. This event, co-sponsored by Special Olympics of Massachusetts and the five
towns participating, is free for the student athletes and includes the opening ceremony,
8 skill stations, the medals for each participant, and the closing ceremony associated with
an Olympic event.  Last year, for those who were here, we had a memorable day of parades,
celebrities and good sportsmanship as student athletes supported by student volunteers
showed off their skills.
Special Olympics rely on the volunteers and donations to offer these and other athletic
events for students with disabilities. We are asking for donations to support the cost of running
it.  On Friday March 1st we invite all students and staff to donate $1.00 and in return wear
the hat of your choice to school. Wearing a hat will signal your support of Special Olympics
and specifically our own student athletes who will be participating. All money will be given
directly to Special Olympics.
Thank you!!!

Host families needed for exchange students! Ashland High School will once again host 
students from China for the coming school year.  We would love to have Ashland families 
host these young people. Please check out the attached information from the companies 
we are working with and considering opening your home for the year!
ASCP Host Family flyer
Cambridge Network Host Family flyer
Host Family Referral Bonus program

Check out the Parent Flyers  to see what is going on around the schools and town!

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