Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 15, 2018- Happy Ashland Day!

Good morning and Happy Ashland Day!

I am looking forward to enjoying the fun later today.  

Updates from the week:
Picture day went well on Wednesday.  Grynn & Barrett is scheduled to be on site to do senior portraits this coming Friday (September 21). They reached out to families directly.  If you did not 
receive information from them and would like to schedule a session please let us know.

The buses have been running well and the majority are at AHS by 8:15am.  The two routes that have been arriving between 8:15-8:20 will be adjusted starting Monday and we hope this will get students to school with a couple of minutes to go to their lockers and get to class.  Starting on Monday, September 24 students will no longer be able to ride the bus without a bus pass.  Please remind your student to attach the pass to their bag in a visible place.   

The deadline to obtain a parking pass was yesterday (Friday, September 14).  All students who drive to school must have a parking pass displayed on their vehicle and they must be parked in the student lot.  The Deans and SRO will begin checking the lot for parking passes this week.  Students without a pass will lose the privilege to park until they obtain a pass.  Any student who can not pay the full amount at this time should see their Dean to discuss a payment plan.  Students who do not have a license yet but plan to drive later in the year should apply for a parking pass as soon as they start driving.  The cost of the pass is pro-rated each term.  

Yesterday, all juniors and seniors who have been at AHS for a least a semester with a 3.2 GPA received their invitation to apply to National Honor Society.  Please review the NHS website for information on admissions.  Ms. Gallant is the NHS adviser and will be meeting with invited students on Monday after school (details are in the letter).  

National Honor Society

We have many new students at Ashland High School so we wanted to share information for transfer students here:
1)  If a student is enrolling and is already an inducted member of their previous school's NHS, their membership will transfer to our chapter.  They should have their adviser send Ms. Gallant a letter directly via school letterhead or school email stating that they were a member.  Students from Marian High School should speak directly to Ms. Gallant regarding their previous membership.  

2)  Other incoming students, who had not been previously inducted into NHS,  cannot qualify until they have an Ashland GPA. Therefore incoming juniors coming from a school that holds their induction in the fall of junior year will have to wait until senior year to be invited, provided they have a 3.2 GPA with us, as with all our students. 

Per our website... 
In the fall of each school year junior and senior students maintaining a grade point average of 3.2 or higher will be invited to complete a Student Information Form (SIF) for National Honor Society, providing they attended Ashland High School the previous term.  
It is important to note that starting with the Class of 2021 a grade point average of 3.5 or higher will be required for students to receive an invitation.  
Please check out the new online access to the Clocker Store!  Get your Spirit Gear.  They have a booth at Ashland Day today as well. 

Be sure to check out the Parent Flyers  

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