Friday, April 20, 2018

April 20, 2018

Good afternoon-

I hope everyone has had a wonderful break.  It always feels like once April vacation is over we are on a mad dash to the end of the school year.

Grades closed this past Thursday and grades will be posted in iStudent/iParent on Thursday, April 26.

Here are some important dates to remember as the year comes to a close:
April 24-May 1: Sophomores participate in the MCAS (ELA) Field Test
April 30- May 1: Sophomores participate in Signs of Suicide program
May 7- May 18: AP exams administered
May 11: Early Release for all students
              Grand March & Junior Prom
May 14: Academic Awards Ceremony
May 18: last day of classes for Class of 2018!
May 21-24: Senior exams (schedule to follow)
May 23-24: Math MCAS (sophomores)
May 25: Class of 2018 Community Service Day (attendance is mandatory)
May 29-June 1: Senior Week
June 3: Graduation
June 6-7: Science MCAS
June 15-21: Final exams for grades 9-11

BUS REGISTRATIONS ARE DUE MAY 1, 2018.  A discount price of $280 for an individual and $560 for a family is available until the May 1st deadline.  After May 1st, the fee is $350 for an individual and $700 for a family.  You may register by mail or online at  Please call Diane Goudy at 508-532-4005 if you have any questions regarding bus transportation or would like to discuss setting up a payment plan.  Registrations received after May 1st may be placed on a wait list and are not guaranteed a seat on a bus.

Safety/anonymous tip line:
Please remember that if you ever hear or see something that concerns about say something.  Ashland Public Schools has an anonymous tip line for anyone, adult or student, who does not feel comfortable sharing information in person.  The safety of all members of our community is always our top priority so we encourage you to reach out to administration or counseling staff with any concerns.

News from Student Council:
State Advisory Council:
Ashland High School is looking for students interested in running for the State Student Advisory Council for the 2018-2019 school year.  This group, made up of two students from every school in the Commonwealth, meets once a month to discuss issues related to education policy and the impacts on students.  Students interested in running should see Mr. Wiczer (in B251) by Monday, April 23rd at 2:45pm.  Students will give speeches on Wednesday, April 25th and the voting will take place that day at lunch.  For more information on this group, please see: or contact Mr. Wiczer at 

Second Annual Color Splash Run:
The Ashland High School Student Council, Make-a-Wish Club, and PTO are running our second annual "Color Splash Run" on Sunday, April 29th at 10am at Ashland High School.    

There are two events -- the full "Color Splash Run" (which will involve a 2-mile course) and a smaller "Kids Color Splash Run" (which will involve up to 4 laps around a track.)  The "Color Splash Run" costs $25 per participant, and the "Kids' Color Splash Run" costs $15 per participant.  Registration prior to April 13th will include a race t-shirt.

Register online at: by Friday, April 13th to get a free race t-shirt.

And check-out our promotional video:
Support for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
On Monday, April 23rd and Tuesday, April 24th, during all three lunches, members of the Amnesty International Club and the Student Council will be selling bracelets to support the victim's fund for students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  The bracelets are $5 each and all of the proceeds go directly to students at that school.  For more information regarding this effort, check out: 

Enjoy the weekend and be sure to check out the Parent Flyers .

Ashland Raises Healthy & Happy Kids: Local resources when seeking mental health treatment
Seeking out effective health care can be confusing and time consuming. This can often be even more difficult when looking for the right mental health treatment for yourself or a family member. Below are a few tips to help navigate this process:

  1. Start at your child’s school. We are very lucky here in Ashland to have one school counselor for every grade, that is rare. If you are worried about your child’s emotional health, start by contacting their school counselor. These professionals can help out with resources needed to help your child at school.
  2. Talk to your child’s pediatrician. Many pediatrician offices have mental health professionals on-site. They often do short term therapy (typically up to 8 sessions),  and assessment and referrals for the members of the practice. They can be an excellent resource for your family.
  3. Contact your insurance company. Insurance company websites have lists of providers broken down by licensure  (MD, RN, LICSW, LMHC) and geographic location so you can contact providers in your area who accept your insurance.
  4. See if your company has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Many companies have an EAP benefit for employees that connects you with a counselor (usually over the phone) who can help refer you to local mental health providers. EAP’s often provide legal, child care, and elder care help as well. Look into this often underutilized benefit!
  5. Be patient. It often takes many phone calls to secure appointments with mental health providers. Set aside the time to dedicate to this task to reduce frustration.
  6. Remember that everyone is different. Just because your best friend’s daughter loves a therapist does not mean your son will “click” with him/her. It is worth it to shop around and even set up appointments with a couple different providers to find the best fit.
  7. In an emergency, go to an ER. If your loved one is a threat to him/herself or others, go to a hospital emergency department. They have mental health professionals who can do a psychiatric evaluation and refer to the appropriate level of care for treatment.

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