Friday, November 17, 2017

November 17, 2017

Good evening and happy Friday!

How did we get to Thanksgiving already? Student Council finished their annual Thanksgiving food drive today and collected 60+ baskets to send to the Ashland Food Pantry. I am so impressed with the generosity of the Ashland community,  Thank you!

I am looking forward to the fun-filled spirit week next week:
The Student Council is running "spirit week" this upcoming week!
Monday, November 20th is Pajama Day
Tuesday, November 21st is Hawaiian Shirt Day
Wednesday, November 22nd is Class Color Day (Freshmen in green, sophomores in red, juniors in blue, and seniors in white.)
A reminder that Wednesday is an Early Release without lunch.  Students will be dismissed at 11:20am. 

Winter Sports Registration will close on Monday November 20th at 3pm.  If you have not registered please do so.  This winter, athletics is using a new registration system where you are able to pay electronically.  The link to City Hall Systems can be found on the front of the Athletics Website... .  Please do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Duane or Mr. Grimes if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you

Shop at Amazon = Support the PTO!
Holiday shopping at Amazon this season? Use the PTO's special affiliate link ( we will earn anywhere from 6%-10% of your purchase! 
  1. Click here to get to the Amazon home page
  2. Bookmark this link and use your bookmark every time you visit Amazon, all year round, to support the PTO!  
Please note - this is not Amazon Smile! Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of your purchase to your charity.  Using our link earns us a minimum of 6%!

Thank you for your support!!

We would like your school to join our Green Student Leadership Council.  The council is comprised of students across the nation discussing ideas for environmental action and involvement in their communities.  It’s kind of like a green think tank for students! The only requirement is they meet 3 times a year via conference call. This is a great way for students to have their voices and ideas heard, as well as building networks for their future as global citizens.

This year we are excited to have two Co-presidents who are both strong leaders and look forward to connecting with other like-minded students. To learn more about who our Co presidents are, follow this  link .

We hope you will join us by signing up here.  First meeting will be beginning of December 3rd, so now is a great time to join! Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to having your school represented on the council.

Ashland Raises Healthy & Happy Kids
How To Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts
All kids blow things out of proportion or jump to conclusions at times, but consistently distorting reality is not innocuous. Self-defeating thoughts can trigger self-defeating emotions that, in turn, cause self-defeating actions. Left unchecked, this tendency can also lead to more severe conditions, such as depression and anxiety.
Fortunately, in a few steps, we can teach children (and adults) how to change their thinking from negative to accurate. First we must understand the causes of inaccurate thinking.
  • Jumping to conclusions: judging a situation based on assumptions as opposed to definitive facts
  • Mental filtering: paying attention to the negative details in a situation while ignoring the positive
  • Magnifying: magnifying negative aspects in a situation
  • Minimizing: minimizing positive aspects in a situation
  • Personalizing: assuming the blame for problems even when you are not primarily responsible
  • Externalizing: pushing the blame for problems onto others even when you are primarily responsible
  • Overgeneralizing: concluding that one bad incident will lead to a repeated pattern of defeat
  • Emotional reasoning: assuming your negative emotions translate into reality, or confusing feelings with facts
Going from Distorted Thinking to Accurate Thinking

Once these common negative thinking patterns are understood, you can use the three C’s to challenge them.
  1. Check for common inaccurate thoughts.
  2. Collect evidence to paint an accurate picture.
  3. Challenge the original thoughts.
“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”  - William James

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