Friday, May 19, 2017

Week of 5/15/17

Good afternoon and happy Friday!

From the sounds of it many of you are getting ready to head off to the movie set! I hope it is a fun evening for the whole Ashland community. Stay cool!

On May 22nd  and 24th, all members of the Sophomore class will receive the Signs of Suicide curriculum in history class. Mental health well being has always been part of the wellness curriculum.  This year we are partnering with Riverside Trauma Center to use a new curriculum.  This is a suicide prevention program that will provide students with information that will help them recognize the symptoms of depression and/or suicide in themselves, friends and loved ones.  The focus is not to determine if they are suffering from depression, but identify if they may have symptoms that indicate a need for further evaluation.  In each class there will be a video, class discussion and for those whose parents have consented to, a screening tool. Their history teacher, a counselor and a Riverside staff person will be present during the class as they receive the program. The program is scheduled for the entire class period.  

All sophomores received a hard copy of the consent form attached here earlier this week and it is posted on the website. Because we are working with an outside agency we are asking that all 10th grade parents sign a form, either consenting for the student to participate in the screening tool or declining their child's participation in the screening tool. Please sign the form and return it to me digitally, if possible, this weekend.  We still have about 50 outstanding forms.  You may also send it in with your student on Monday morning and ask them to bring it to the main office.  

Class of 2017!
Today was the last full official day of classes for the Class of 2017.  We met with them yesterday to discuss the expectations for the next two weeks.  I could not be more proud of this group of students.  They are ready for a great end to their experience as Ashland Public School students.  

Exams are scheduled for the coming week. Seniors do not need to be in school when they do not have an exam based on the schedule attached. If they have any questions about expectations they should check in with me or Ms. Carreiro.  The Senior Week exam schedule is attached here.  

On Friday, May 26 all members of the Class of 2017 will participate in our annual Community Service Day. They will start the day at AHS with a presentation from the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Program at 8am.  From there students will spread out around town to give back to the community!

Senior Week begins on Tuesday, May 30.  Please see the attached information for the fun-filled week of getting ready for graduation.  Class Day is on Friday, June 2 at 9:30am in the AHS gym and all are welcome to come support the senior class!

News from Student Council:
It's election time at AHS!  Any student interested in running for a class officer or Student Council rep position should pick up a nomination packet from Ms. Graham, Ms. Kulik, Mr. McGann, Mr. Wiczer or the front office.  Nomination forms are due by 2pm on Friday, May 26th to Mr. Wiczer or to the front office.

In addition to class officer elections, we're also running elections for the "School Committee Advisory Council." This five-member group meets once every other month with the school committee to update them on things going on at the high school and to offer opinions on policies that will directly affect students.  One member of this group will be chosen (by the members of the group) to serve as the official student representative to the school committee, attending all meeting and offering the student perspective on various matters.  Any student interested in running should pick up a blue nomination form from Mr. Wiczer.  Nomination forms are due by Friday, May 26th at 2pm.

Please join us as well as several community sponsors at "Courageous Conversations" on Monday, May 22nd, at 6:30pm in the Ashland High School Cafeteria (click on this link to access registration for Free Babysitting during the event). "In the true spirit of community, please join us for a town-wide conversation about how we can work together, united for an inclusive and respectful Ashland."  AHS students will be helping to co-facilitate the discussion and work to help make Ashland the best community it can be.  

Tuesday, May 23rd the Attorney General's office will be at AHS to present Project Safe Childhood for students in grades 9 & 11 during the day and for parents in the evening.  This evening event, open for parents of all grades, will focus on keeping kids safe on the internet and will use actual data collected from AHS students on their internet use! Join us in the AHS auditorium at 6:30pm for this important discussion.  

Please be sure to check out all of the other important events happening around town in the Parent Flyers!

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