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Week of 2/27/17

Good evening-

Words can not express the gratitude we feel at Ashland High School for the love and support the community offered us this week.  I personally feel so blessed to work for a town that cares so much for each other and their schools.  Thank you.  Please continue to hold the Petry family in your thoughts and talk to your children about how they are dealing with the loss of a peer.

On Monday, March 6 Larry Berkowitz, the Director and co-founder of Riverside Trauma Center, will lead a conversation for parents and other interested community members about "How to talk with your children about the loss of a peer". He will start by providing some information and will then have time for conversation.  His presentation will begin at 6:30pm in the AHS library.  Larry is an expert in the field of trauma and grief and has been an invaluable resource to us as a school community.  Please join us in this very important discussion on how to support our students moving forward.  

Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend Parent Conferences last night.  Please remember if you would like to speak to a teacher about your child's progress you can do so at any time.  Just email or call to make an appointment.

The parent portal for recommendations is now open! The iParent window to approve courses will remain open through Friday, March 10. 

The Parent Quick Start Guide for Student Course Recommendations, found here, will walk you through the process. We feel strongly that our teacher's have a good understanding of your students strengths and areas for growth and make great recommendations for course levels.  However, you as a family have the final decision on which courses your child takes.  We expect that you do all that you can to be informed when make these level decisions.  If you wish to override a course recommendation I have attached the Override Process here.  

Junior Class - tickets to the junior prom will go on sale next week at all three lunches.  
Ticket price is $65 - you must be up to date with class dues to buy a ticket. Tickets will also be on sale the week of March 13.  Any questions, see Mr. Graham.

Breaking the Barriers (BTB) is a community service and leadership club, supported by a DFC-funded coalition, hoping to inspire youth to make healthy choices and give them the skills to become a leader of today.  BTB is starting a program called “Inspire” at Ashland High School to introduce students to career opportunities that may lay ahead in their future.  Students voted and said they would like to have a DOCTOR come in and speak about their career, education, and daily experiences as the first part of this series!  The true inspiring portion of this program occurs when the speaker gives interested students the opportunity to apply for shadowing experiences.  
If YOU would like to help inspire the future, please contact Neha Shabeer at for more information.  Thank you!


AEFI Gala tickets are on sale!  Prices go up after March 10th!  See the Parent Flyers for information.

Please review the Parent Flyers for information about events coming up around town.

Ashland Raises Healthy & Happy Kids:
Coping with Grief
It has been a sad week in Ashland, especially at the high school. Below are some tips to help you and your children cope with grief.
  • Grief is personal. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.
  • Grieving does not have a timeline. Everyone will experience loss at a different pace.
  • Do not use minimizing statements such as, “you were not friends with him”, or “it was only your cat”.
  • Maintain routines as normally as possible.
  • Use healthy coping strategies to express grief such as art, writing or music. Also encourage children to be around their peers.

Children’s grief reactions can differ depending on age and developmental level.
At the preschool level you might see regressive behaviors, decreased verbalization or increased anxiety.
At the elementary level children may have decreased academic performance and attendance and trouble concentrating. They could be more irritable or aggressive and exhibit behavior changes. They may have somatic complaints such as trouble sleeping or eating, and may want to repeatedly re-tell the event.
At the middle and high school level you could see decreased academic performance and attendance and trouble concentrating. Children may avoid social events or withdraw from peers and may engage in high risk behaviors or substance abuse. They may also have nightmares, flashbacks, emotional numbing or depression.

While these are all normal reactions to grief, if they become extreme, long-term or are distressing to you or your child, please seek professional help.

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