Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year to all AHS families!

We have successfully finished the first week of 2017 and are quickly getting ready for the half-way mark: mid-term's. Our last full week of first semester is next week. If you son/daughter needs help planning and organizing for exams please encourage them to seek out teachers and guidance staff next week. Here is the link to the Exam Schedule.

Students only have to attend when they have an exam scheduled.  A reminder the first session does not start until 8:30am.  We will have Stress Buster activities happening around school from 7:30-8:20am.  As of now we will have open gym, a board/room games room, several rooms with meditation and mandalas, and a therapy dog will be joining us for at least one morning!

While mid-term's are happening we get right into the 8th grade transition process.  We look forward to welcoming AMS, charter, private and other families of 8th grade students to our Transition Information Night on Wednesday, January 18 at 7pm in the AHS auditorium.  Any 8th grade student from Ashland is invited to join us at the Step-up Day on Thursday, January 19 at noon.  Call the guidance office for more information if you need information.  

Please join the Ashland athletic department and Decisions at Every Turn next Thursday, January 12 for an important discussion on Student-Athletes and Marijuana.  We are all hoping to work together to make sure teens understand the risks associated with substance use and the realities of the changes in the laws.

Run out as soon as you can to get your copy of the Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey so you can join Superintendent Adams for his Community Book Read in March.    It's a great read with many helpful hints and reminders about the importance of letting children learn from mistakes and failures.    

Please make sure to check out all of the events happening around town in Parent Flyers.

I had a couple of great opportunities for students come across my desk this week that I wanted to share.

Dedham High School will be hosting the first meeting of the Ralph F. Browne Chapter of Blacks in Government Communications Academy Training. This program provides students in grades 9-12 in training related to public speaking and leadership skills.  Students should let Ms. St. Coeur know if they are interested.

The Foundation for MetroWest’s Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) programwhich starts in Sudbury on Tuesday, January 24. is seeking students.  YIP is a free, 17-week extracurricular program for high school students that offers an introduction to various forms of philanthropy and community involvement. YIP opens students’ eyes to what is around them by exposing them to the needs that exist in our community, reading real grant applications that come in to the Foundation for MetroWest, and ultimately working as a team to award $10,000 in grants to local youth-serving nonprofits. They would love to have Ashland High School students participate. This is a great opportunity for students to find their “niche” and build engagement in our community. A flyer is attached and the deadline to apply is Tuesday, January 17.

Ashland Raises Healthy & Happy Kids
Address Them Properly
Use the name they want to be called. Unless they tell you otherwise, call them Mr. or Ms., followed by their last name. If they want you to call them by their first name, honor their request.

Shake Hands

If you are meeting this person for the first time or if you haven't seen him or her in a while, shake hands. This is such a simple yet friendly gesture that lets the person know you have manners, and you're not afraid to use them.

Speak Clearly and Without Slang

Your friends might understand mumblings filled with the latest slang, but don't expect someone much older than you to get what you are trying to say.

Make Eye Contact and Smile
When approaching or greeting your elders, always make eye contact. This shows that you acknowledge their presence. A warm smile from you can make this person's otherwise dreary day much brighter.

Offer Assistance

When an elderly person approaches an entrance to a building, hold the door and allow him or her to go first. Offer to reach something on a high or low shelf in a store or at home. Be aware of any disability the person may have and help according to what he or she needs. Any kind or generous thing you do to make their lives easier will be appreciated.

Give Your Time and Attention

Most people who are older than you will appreciate having your attention in blocks of time. Enjoy a conversation about a topic you have in common. Sit down with a grandparent or other elderly person and show that you care. Play a board game or watch a movie together. Feel free to ask questions about their experience, and then listen.

Show Your Love
If the elderly person is a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or related to you in any way, show that you love him or her. Offer a hug and say something affectionate. Ask questions about your ancestors and offer to put together a photo album or scrapbook with mementos. You'll be amazed by how enriching the experience can be, and you'll most likely learn something new about your family.

Show Good Manners
Most of your elders were taught proper etiquette when they were children, and they deserve good manners from you in return. Always say, "Please," and "Thank you." They need to know that the generations following them are civil enough to carry on

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