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Week of 12/5/16

Good afternoon-

As we get closer to the winter break the energy in the school continues to build.  We've seen a lot of holiday sweaters and gift swapping already.  I'd like to take this opportunity to remind this community that if you know anyone that needs assistance at this time of the year, which can be very difficult for some, please reach out to me or our Adjustment Counselor, Jen Shiels.  The holidays can be a very challenging time for some of our students and AHS is committed to assisting and supporting everyone in our community.

Next week marks the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Our regular School Site Council meeting is scheduled for that afternoon, December 14, at 4pm in the main office conference room. We will be reviewing school safety protocols and expectations and plan to have a parent information session on this information in the future.  This video was shared with my by a few people, and if you are on Facebook you may have seen it, but I thought it was worth sharing here.  It's a sombering reminder of how important it is for us as educators and community members to always keep an eye open for students that may need support.   December 14 is always a powerful reminder of that for me.  

Have a wonderful weekend and as always please be sure to read on exciting news from AHS and around the community and check out the Parent Flyers.  

Clocker Idol - Year Three

The Student Council will present the third year of "The Clocker Idol", on Thursday, December 22nd at 7pm in the Ruthfield auditorium.  Come watch our version of "American Idol" and help choose the next Clocker Idol.  Admission is $5.

Participants include: Haley Boccuzzi, Allen Brodskiy, Julia Caruso, Adrianna Fawkes, Anne Fejer, Emilia Fonseca, Melina Karpouzis, and Kiara Leak.  The judges for the evening will be Ms. Cardin, Mr. Rabinowitz, Ms. Reap, Ms. St. Coeur, and Ms. Twomey.  The evening will be MCd by Emily Finnegan and Peter Saxionis, the winners of the first two "Clocker Idol" competitions.

Check out our commercial online at:

Pure Hearts Toy Drive-  Please read below and refer to the flyer's in the Parent Flyer's section.
Why 110?  Because 1 in 110 children are born with a congenital heart defect.
Why Dec. 16th?  As it turns out, one of our preschoolers who attends Ashland Preschool is celebrating her 5yr. anniversary of open heart surgery.

Her name is Kaia Johnson and her family will be hosting a toy drive for the children at Children's Hospital.  They are so grateful for the wonderful care Kaia received, they want to pay it forward so other children will benefit as well.  Please read the attachment about Pure Hearts to learn more about Kaia's amazing story.
The other two attachments will give you more information about the toy drive and some suggestions of toys for different age groups.  Please read the guidelines toy donations. Toys can be dropped by the AHS (or any school's) main office.  

These are the guidelines:
*No used toys (due to infection control guidelines,as they could be harmful to the children, this includes used stuffed animals)
*No small toys a child might choke on
*No homemade cloth toys
*Please do not wrap donations
*Other unacceptable items include food and used computers

Thank you in advance for helping to support this wonderful cause!

Lights, Camera, Communicate is a four-part series that features fun and engaging activities designed to improve communication skills and encourage students to let their personalities shine on camera. Participants develop all of the elements of a live talk show so they can provide fun and interesting commentary as they step into their role as Show Host. Kids pick their co-hosts, guests and how the show looks, sounds and feels.  Students have a blast expressing their passions and ideas while learning how to engage with an audience by mastering the art of storytelling. By participating in this program, students build confidence while presenting themselves, learn essential interview skills and  practice persuasive skills to support their opinions.

This program will take place over February vacation and there is a 12 student limit to sign up. Fee is $160 per student, To register, please visit MindsetGo/ashlandcommunityed

College Prep: How to Differentiate Yourself

Colleges and employers expect applicants to articulate the knowledge and skills they have acquired inside and outside the classroom. Without the ability to clearly and powerfully convey what sets them apart, a student’s personal story and unique qualities become less impactful and marketable. Our training methods help participants to feel empowered with both a growth mindset and the newfound skills to confidently engage face-to-face. Through four interactive and fun programs, kids discover and successfully communicate their most persuasive selling points.

This program will take place Saturday January 21st and 28th from 3-7 pm at Ashland High School.   Fee is $199 per student, To register, please visit MindsetGo/ashlandcommunityed

Ashland Raises Happy & Healthy Kids:
Family Board Games
As you are shopping for holiday or birthday gifts, consider getting a fun, family board game. There are benefits of playing board games for people of all ages:
  • Engage in activities that do not involve staring at a computer screen or a smartphone.
  • Exercise your brain by learning something new.
  • Improve your memory by keeping track of what is happening in the game.
  • Revive your creativity and problem solving skills.
  • Spend time with family and friends.

Below are some fun, less well-known, family games:
  • Monopoly Empire
  • Skip-Bo (card game)
  • Pandemic
  • Bubble Talk
  • Telestrations
  • Over Under
  • Ticket to Ride - European Edition
  • 7 Wonders
  • Cranium
  • Hoopla
  • Phase 10 (card game)
  • Sleeping Queens (card game)
  • Tri-ominos

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