Friday, October 21, 2016

Week of 10/17/16

Good afternoon-

It was certainly a busy week at AHS!  We were thrilled to have students, faculty, and parents enjoy time with Dr. Ken Ginsburg on Wednesday.  His discussions around resilience were well received.  Please check out his website if you are looking for more information.  We are excited to continue the conversation about how to build resilience in our youth as a community.  

Next week we are excited to celebrate National Mix-It-Up Day on Tuesday, October 25 during all lunches.  Our Peer Leaders will be facilitating activities that encourage students to identify, question and cross social boundaries. It is always a lot of fun!

Members of the sophomore class, the Class of 2019, will be meeting with Josten's on Thursday, October 27 to hear ordering their class rings.  More parent information to follow....

On Thursday, October 27 the National Honor Society will induct it's newest members at 6:30pm in the AHS auditorium.  These students have demonstrated their scholarship, service, leadership, and character as students at AHS and in the community.  All are welcome to attend the ceremony.

The Class of 2016 will have their annual Halloween parade on Friday, October 28 during first period. We always look forward to seeing the fun, creative costumes the students choose.  Pictures to come in next week's message!

Please see the Parent's Flyers for information about things happening around town.

The Robotics program at Ashland high school has now expanded to three avenues of access with hopes to add a fourth in the near future. With your help, we can bring in some new equipment and start making a difference right away. I just created a classroom request. While the total needed is $600, Donor's Choose has offered a 'Liftoff' matching grant that will double any donations (up to $50) in the first few days. 
Give to my classroom by October 24, 2016 and your donation will be doubled thanks to Just enter the code LIFTOFF during checkout and you'll be matched dollar for dollar (up to $50).

Thank you so much,
Chad McGowan

The Town Hall  is looking for some students willing to do community service by helping them out at the information tables at the High School on November 8 during the elections.  They can take any interested students from times between 7am and 8pm.  Please sign up with Ms. Shiels and she will share the list with the Town Hall.  

The six C’s of building resilience
Competence: Give children opportunities to develop important life skills. This makes them feel proud and competent.  
Confidence: Help your children build the confidence to be able to navigate the world, think outside the box, and recover from challenges. If we “save” them from every challenge they will not feel confident in their abilities.     
Connection: Connections with other people, schools, and the community gives children the security to venture out into the community, try new things, and give back to their community and/or others.   
Character: Children need a clear sense of right and wrong and a commitment to integrity.    
Coping: Young people who possess a variety of healthy coping strategies will be less likely to turn to unhealthy or even dangerous quick fixes when stressed.

Control: Children who understand that privileges and respect are earned through demonstrated responsibility will learn to make wise choices and feel a sense of control.

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