Friday, January 29, 2016

Week of 1/25/16

Good afternoon-

Mid-term exams have wrapped up and we are ready to kick off the second half of the year on Monday! It is quiet here during mid-term week so we will welcome the energy next week.

As a reminder, grades will be available in iStudent and iParent on Friday, February 5th after 2pm.

Students will start the day picking up their new schedules in homeroom Monday morning.  Most students will have a new schedule as half year electives start and study halls may have changed.

Just a reminder that we have a 10-day add/drop period to change classes for any new class in a schedule.  Students should see their counselors for an appointment immediately if they would like to change or add a new class.  The add/drop period ends on January 12, 2016.

We enjoyed hosting the 8th grade students for tours on Wednesday and the parents that attended our coffee this morning.  Course recommendation time is here!

Here is the schedule for Course Recommendations for all 9th-11th grade students:
February 1- February 13- AHS teachers will make course recommendations

February 10- class meetings will be held to show/remind students how to choose electives and approve their courses

February 14-February 27- course selection window is open in iStudent.  All students must approve teacher recommendations and choose electives.  Students can choose up to 6 electives and can make notes to rank order them.

February 28- March 12- course selection window is open in iParent.  All parents should approve their student course recommendations/elective choices.

The updated Program of Studies will be posted within the next week so students can start looking at the electives they are interested in.

Any student/parent who disagrees with a teacher recommendation should speak to the recommending teacher and then the guidance counselor.

Parent/teacher Conference Night           February 25 : 6-8pm  
Please call Linda Chaney at 881-0177 to schedule an appointment.  If you are questioning a teacher recommendation this is a good time to have that conversation.

We have a lot of great events coming up over the next couple of weeks- Please be sure to check out the Parent Flyer's!

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