Friday, December 18, 2015

Week of 12/14/15

Good afternoon-

The year is quickly winding down and it is hard to believe we are three days from winter break.  We have three full days of classes next week before heading off for vacation.  Students return to classes on Monday, January 4.

Please take a moment to check out the Parent Flyers for information about community events!

The Ashland High School Student Council and Choruses are working together to present "The Clocker Idol" (our take on "American Idol") onTuesday, December 22nd at 7pm in the high school auditorium.  This family-friendly event will feature 10 high school students competing for the title of "The Clocker Idol" and the audience will help to choose the winner.  Admission is $5/person and all the proceeds will go to help the Metrowest YMCA.  

Check out our promotional video at:

If you have questions, please contact Josh Wiczer at

The Freshman Class of 2019 are selling Ashland Fuzzy Socks for $10 a pair! They're the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift! They will be on sale during Clocker Idol or contact the class advisor, Ms. Vargeletis at to purchase a pair! 

Please take a moment to read the important message below from Decisions at Every Turn and have conversations with your student as we head into vacation.  

Tips for Talking with your Teen (ages 13-18) - The average age kids try drugs for the first time is 13. This is a critical time in helping youth make positive choices when faced with drugs and alcohol. Through the teen years, young people will have to make plenty of choices about drug use and whether they should give into peer pressure or their own curiosity. Your clear and consistent messages about not using alcohol and drugs and your reasons why can help prevent teen use.
Let your younger teen know you respect them as an individual. They need to hear a lot of positive comments about who they are, not just what they do. Positive reinforcement establishes a strong sense of confidence and can lower the risk of drug and alcohol use.  Check in with your teen every day – celebrate their successes and support them through the tough times. You'll earn your child's trust, develop strong communication habits, and pave the way for honest discussions about alcohol and drugs.  Talk with your teen about what they are learning in school about drugs and alcohol and continue the conversations at home. This is a great opportunity to share your values, expectations and concerns about alcohol and drugs and to learn what your teen is thinking.  Older teens need to hear factual, detailed and reality-driven messages. Substance use can put them in dangerous situations, cause serious permanent health consequences, or lead to addiction.  Emphasize that substance use can interfere with your teen’s future goals and plans. Discuss how drug use can ruin your teen’s chance of getting into college or landing their dream job.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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